About Our Plates

All our plates are made from top quality coated aluminium, produced using our Hydraulic Press, (which was imported from Germany in the 1970's, intially used for the production of CB Handle Plates), and come with pressed and painted digits and a choice of pressed/unpressed border, with the option of inscriptions top and/or bottom. All of our plates are delivered undrilled for mounting due to the various methods used by clients. Our standard size plate measures 12" x 6" and will fit all current U.S.A plate frames. We also offer two sizes of motorcycle plate 8.5" x 5" in reflective, non-reflective style, with three lines of text and 7" x 4" in reflective and non-reflective only, with two lines of text. The main text is 40mm high and up to 8 digits long including spaces, and the top and/or bottom lines are 20mm high and up to 13 digits long including spaces. Use the Plate Wizard to design your plate as for a car, but on page three of the order process use the comments box to indicate the size and orientation of the M/C plate.

DIGIT SIZES - The main digits are available in three sizes and two fonts. 80mm and 60mm high for up to eight characters in our standard UK style font, and 70mm high for up to eight characters in our new USA (alternate) style font (check it out, it looks just like the original). Although 80mm is the DoT regulation height for number plate digits, our plates do not conform to width and spacing requirements and are intended for show or for use in conjunction with standard plates. Our M/C plates have 40mm high main text and the normal 20mm high top and or bottom text, the same as our car plates. There is no choice of font for M/C plates, our standard font only is available in 40mm and 20mm.

INSCRIPTIONS - Pressed inscriptions in 20mm high UK style font can be placed top and/or bottom of main digits with a maximum of 20 digits per line.  When using a plate frame or M/C size plate, please note only 13 digits will fit between lugs or standard mounting hole bolts.  Please send a tracing of frame with order when used to ensure fit of characters.

LOGOS - Any of the following logos can be incorporated into the design by reducing number of inscription characters:  Chevy "BOWTIE" symbol, Ford "MUSTANG" symbol, "FORD" script, Arizona "CACTUS", New Mexico "ZIA" (SUN), Texas "STAR" or "STATE" , Washington D.C. "CAPITOL" and Pennsylvania "KEYSTONE".  Also special "TEXAS" script and Colorado "MOUNTAINS" can be used if no other inscriptions are required. To order just clearly add your requirements to the "Comments" box on page three of the order process.  Remember we have extensive reference facilities for all years, States and Countries and we would be happy to research your plate order for you.

OPTIONS/EXTRAS - We can offer many finishing touches to your plates to give added authenticity or interest.  Options available include unpainted borders, unpressed borders.